Sëmundjet që mund të diagnostikohen me laparoskopi gjinekologjike dhe llojet e trajtimeve laparoskopike – Dr. Kosta Vasilevski

Laparoscopy generally has a shorter recovery time than open surgery. Leaves smaller scars. A gynecologist, general surgeon, or another type of specialist can perform this procedure. Gynecological laparoscopy is an alternative to open surgery. Use a laparoscope to look inside the pelvic area. Open surgery often requires a large incision. A laparoscope is a thin, […]

Çfarë është procedura e cistoskopisë? Si bëhet, kush duhet ta bëjë këtë procedurë dhe më shumë! Dr. Artan Rrushaj (Specialist në Urologji dhe Kirurgji Urologjike)

Your doctor will use cystoscopy to examine the inside of your bladder and urethra. The bladder stores urine until it is expelled from the body through the urethra. A urologist, or specialist in the urinary tract, performs a cystoscopy. For the procedure, your doctor uses a cystoscope, a lighted tube the size of a pencil […]

Nëse për ndonjë gjendje ia vlen të ndryshoni dietën për të parë rezultate - atëherë ajo gjendje është diabeti! – Dr. Ksenija Bogoeva Kostovska

Diabetes and prediabetic condition The difference is in the overall approach to diet and physical activity. The old-fashioned approach to diabetes recommended lowering sugar intake, counting calories and bread units, limited portions and calorie restrictions. Fortunately, there is a new approach. A predominantly plant-based, low-fat diet is ideal for diabetics. In fact, in a 2006 […]

Metoda e lehtësimit të dhimbjes me prerje cezariane - Anestezi spinale e kombinuar me ate epidurale - Prim. Dr. Vladimir Ristevski

Prim. Dr. Vladimir Ristevski gives instructions and everything you have to know about Epidural and Spinal anesthesia. Epidural and Spinal anesthesia which provides regional stiffness during cesarean section is the preferred method because of the comfort it provides. However, when used in conjunction with spinal anesthesia, the comfort it provides to the mother is further […]

Kanceri Ovarian: simptomat, shenjat, shkaqet dhe trajtimi

Ovarian cancer is an abnormal growth of cells that form in them. Cells multiply rapidly and can penetrate and destroy healthy tissue. The female reproductive system contains two ovaries, one on each side of the uterus. The ovaries – each the size of an almond – produce eggs, as well as the hormones estrogen and […]

Mutacione në proteinën spike të llojit OMICRON dhe DELTA - COVID 19

Dear citizens and associates, The appearance of the new Botswana SARS CoV variant, Omicron strain on November 24, 2021, has been described as the most feared strain of the virus known to experts so far and is an intriguing phenomenon for research, especially by molecular biologists, virologists and other professional staff. The new strain systematized […]