HOW IS FIBROADENOM TREATED? - Prof. Dr. Zoran Spirovski

Most fibroadenomas do not need to be treated. However, they should be monitored at regular intervals to monitor certain parameters that indicate whether changes have occurred. However, surgical removal may be necessary, especially in cases where the fibroadenoma tumor causes the breast to enlarge or change its shape. Fibroadenomas can sometimes stop growing or even shrink on their own without any treatment. In such cases, if a breast mass is confirmed to be a fibroadenoma, the mass may be left untreated and monitored to ensure that it does not grow. When not necessary, removing fibroadenoma tumors means removing normal breast tissue. For this reason, it is important that the process be carried out by a doctor specializing in the surgical procedure. It is important to have regular breast exams or imaging tests to make sure the fibroadenomas are not growing. In cases where the appearance of the fibroadenoma is abnormal, grows excessively, or causes complaints during examinations and tests, removal of the tissue may be preferred.

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