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Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography, or PET-CT scans, are advanced imaging techniques that combine the strengths of both PET and CT scans. This powerful fusion provides comprehensive information about the body’s structure and metabolic activity.

Dual Power of PET-CT

PET-CT scans are like medical detectives. PET tracks the metabolic activity of cells, highlighting areas with high glucose uptake, often associated with disease. CT, on the other hand, offers detailed anatomical images. The combination allows for precise localization of abnormalities.

Advantages Over Traditional Imaging
The advantages of PET-CT scans are manifold:

Early Disease Detection: PET-CT can detect diseases at an early stage when they are most treatable.

Accurate Staging: For cancers, it helps stage the disease accurately, aiding in treatment planning.

Treatment Monitoring: PET-CT tracks how tumors respond to treatment, allowing for adjustments.

Reduced Invasive Procedures: It can reduce the need for invasive exploratory surgeries.

Whole-Body Imaging: It provides a comprehensive view of the entire body in one scan.

Procedures and Their Departments

PET-CT scans find applications across various medical fields:


Oncology: Used for cancer detection, staging, and monitoring treatment responses.

Cardiology: Evaluates blood flow and heart function.

Neurology: Detects Alzheimer’s, evaluates brain tumors, and studies brain function.

Orthopedics: Assesses bone and joint conditions.

Pulmonology: Evaluates lung nodules and lung diseases.

Infectious Disease: Identifies infection sources and tracks their progression.

PET-CT Expertise in One Hospital – Tetovo

One Hospital houses a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in performing PET-CT scans with precision and accuracy. Whether you require cancer staging, neurological evaluation, or any other PET-CT procedure, you can trust the experts in this Tetovo hospital to provide you with comprehensive and reliable diagnostic services.


With PET-CT scans at your disposal in One Hospital – Tetovo, you have access to cutting-edge medical technology that can provide invaluable insights into your health, guiding timely and effective treatments.


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