One Hospital and B.C Rabotnicki: “Score big in health and wellness with us”

One Hospital, a premier healthcare provider in the region, has teamed up with local basketball powerhouse, Rabotnicki, to score big in the game of health and wellness. This dynamic partnership, set to tip off during the upcoming basketball season, aims to slam dunk the importance of physical activity and good nutrition into the hearts and minds of the community.


One Hospital and Rabotnicki will be working together to drive home the message that staying active and eating well are key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The basketball team will be hosting a variety of events open to the public, such as open practices and community games, that will serve as a slam dunk opportunity for community members to learn more about the benefits of physical activity and to get moving themselves.


But the partnership isn’t just about scoring points on the court. One Hospital will also be providing educational resources and information on healthy living, along with free health screenings and assessments, to ensure that the community is equipped with all the information they need to lead a healthy and well-rounded life.


The partnership between One Hospital and Rabotnicki is a slam dunk for both organizations, as they share a common goal of promoting healthy living and wellness in the community. Not only will this partnership help to promote a healthy lifestyle, but it will also bring the community together, creating a winning team of health-conscious individuals.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the slam dunking stars of Rabotnicki for the upcoming basketball season,” said One Hospital CEO, Mr. Yiğit Akata “This partnership will allow us to reach a wider audience and promote the importance of physical activity, good nutrition, and overall wellness.”


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