One Hospital and FC Shkendija with a creative campaign for men’s health awareness month!

A real MAN takes care of his HEALTH!

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November is men’s health awareness month and we have partnered with FC SHKENDIJA football club to raise awareness and show the importance of preventive examinations. The idea was to create a campaign that would represent doctors and football players who in their everyday life promote health in general.

Men’s Health Awareness Month is dedicated to raising awareness of a wide range of men’s health issues. As we focus on men this month, we cannot ignore that men tend to be reluctant to seek help or treatment for their health problems.


Our goal is to raise awareness of men’s overall health and provide the best medical care for diseases that are more common in men:
1. Heart diseases
2. Diabetes
3. Liver disease
4. Respiratory diseases
5. Flu and Pneumonia
6. Prostate cancer and urinary tract diseases

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