One Hospital и ФК Шкендија со креативна кампања за месецот за подигање на свеста за машкото здравје!

A real MAN takes care of his HEALTH! Tap on pictures below to see our campaign November is men’s health awareness month and we have partnered with FC SHKENDIJA football club to raise awareness and show the importance of preventive examinations. The idea was to create a campaign that would represent doctors and football […]

Д-р Јусуф Вејсели користеше гастроскопија како интервентна метода бидејќи моравме да го извадиме ноктот од стомакот на нашиот пациент.

Gastroscopy as a diagnostic method is used to visualize changes in the upper digestive tract.In our case today, we used gastroscopy as an intervention method because we had to remove the nail from our patient’s stomach.Dr. Jusuf Vejseli and our anesthesiologist Dr. Tase Spirovski, visualized and successfully removed the nail out of the stomach, without […]