What is PET CT, is it harmful, how it is done and so many questions? Dr. Biljana Bozhinovzska answers your questions about PET CT!

Are there any potential side effects from PET / CT SCAN?

There are no side effects from PET scan recording. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and consult your doctor if you have any concerns.


Are there alternatives to PET / CT scan?

There are tests that can be done, but none are at the same level of performance of PET technology. There is currently no metabolic (biological) scanning technique other than PET. CT or MRI, for example, both examine the anatomical (physical) structure of organs. Therefore, they can be useful in determining the size and location of the tumor. However, none of them can determine if the tumor is still metabolically active.

Is PET / CT scan painless?

The only pain you will feel is the needle puncture when you receive the radiopharmaceutical injection. It is exactly the same as any other type of injection.

What are the benefits of PETscan?

PET scans give the doctor valuable information. For cancer patients, it can help diagnose the extent of the disease, lead the most effective therapy, and then help assess whether treatment is effective. PET scans also help in the diagnosis of heart disease and neurological diseases. This type of imaging can show changes much earlier than other imaging tests such as CT or MRI.

How long will the PET / CT scan take?

Each PET / CT scan is different, but most patients can expect it to be within two to three hours. This includes the time it takes for the injected tracer to be distributed throughout their body, as well as the time they actually spend moving through the scanner. Their height and the surface of the body being scanned determine the exact length of the scan.



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