What are the causes of impaired thyroid function?

The reasons for its change can be numerous, but none can be confirmed with certainty. It can be caused by: genetic causes, autoimmune damage, pregnancy, accumulated stress, nutritional deficiencies, or toxic environmental substances.

Here are some signs and symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism, which in combination undoubtedly indicate a thyroid problem:
• 1. Your menstrual cycle has changed
• 2. You feel weak and constantly tired
• 3. You feel tense and anxious
• 4. Your appetite is increased
• 5. Your brain is slowed down
• 6. You feel upset
• 7. Your skin is drier than usual
• 8. Your heart rate is faster or slower
• 9. Your voice has changed and you feel changes in your neck
• 10. You have trouble sleeping
• 11. You have gained weight in a short period of time
• 12. Your hair thins and falls out more than usual

If you have any of the symptoms characteristic of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism you need:
Have an ECHO examination of the thyroid gland.
To determine the level of TSH and the levels of free thyroid hormones in the blood.

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