Гинекологија и акушерство


The gynecological-obstetrical team of One Hospital is composed of an experienced team of specialist doctors in the field of gynecology and obstetrics, anesthesiology and neonatology. As before, normal and high-risk pregnancies are monitored in our hospital, but now with the option of terminating the pregnancy, i.e. giving birth – naturally (spontaneously) or surgically by caesarean section.

Our hospital, One Hospital, is the first private hospital in the Pologsk region that has a modern maternity ward, which is equipped with the most modern equipment, led by an experienced team that knows its job very well. In agreement with the patients and medical indication, there is a possibility of a painless delivery with epidural analgesia.

After indication and assessment of the condition by the gynecological obstetric team, part of the births will be performed by caesarean section, which will be the safest solution for both the mother and the baby.

According to the law of R.S. Macedonia, the right to artificial abortion will be implemented, which will be performed professionally using the most modern methods and technologies.

Curettage is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure that is performed due to:
– Abnormal uterine bleeding: irregular bleeding, suspected malignant or premalignant condition, postmenopausal bleeding
– Retention of material in the endometrial cavity
– Evaluation of intracavitary findings from imaging procedures (abnormal endometrial findings in addition to polyps or fibroids)
– Evaluation and removal of retained fluid in the endometrial cavity (hematometra, pyometra) in order to examine the contents and release the stenosis.
– Endometrial hyperplasia with heavy bleeding
– Removal of endometrial polyps or smaller pedunculated fibroids, submucous fibroids
– Removal of the IUD.

In the conditions of diagnosing an ectopic pregnancy, especially a compromised one, an urgent surgical procedure is required, and according to the medical indications, it is also assessed what the approach will be: open laparotomy or laparoscopy.

Transabdominal cerclage TAS – is a procedure with the help of which the support-bandaging of the cervix is ​​carried out with the help of a small synthetic tape, which is placed through a transabdominal incision in the “bikini line”, and the purpose is to prevent premature opening of the cervix and premature birth. Candidates for this procedure are determined exclusively according to a medical indication set by a specialist gynecologist (irregularities of the cervix, difficulties in pregnancy…) who takes into account the potential risks and benefits of the procedure itself. 99% of women end up with a full term pregnancy and the delivery ends with a caesarean section. This procedure is performed before they become pregnant or 90 days after a previous pregnancy loss, but in the event that a pregnant woman has the need and opportunity, we recommend accommodation during the eighth week of pregnancy.