Partneriteti i One Hospital dhe Universitetit të Tetovës për të mbështetur ekipin e volejbollit të Universitetit: Takim për të diskutuar planet e së ardhmes

One Hospital and the University of Tetovo recently held their first meeting to discuss a partnership aimed at supporting the university’s volleyball team. This partnership brings together two highly respected institutions, each dedicated to improving the lives of those they serve. The meeting was held to discuss the future plans of this exciting collaboration. One […]

One Hospital dhe K.B Rabotnicki: “Me ne shënoni rezultate të mëdha në shëndet dhe mirëqenie”

One Hospital, një ofrues kryesor i kujdesit shëndetësor në rajon, është bashkuar me fuqinë lokale të basketbollit, Rabotniçki, për të shënuar gola në lojën e shëndetit dhe mirëqenies. Ky partneritet dinamik, i vendosur të lançohet gjatë sezonit të ardhshëm të basketbollit, synon të hedhë rëndësinë e aktivitetit fizik dhe ushqimit të mirë në zemrat dhe mendjet e komunitetit.

Do not wait for your heart to scream for attention! – Prim. Dr. Agim Zeqiri

Every year, cardiovascular diseases are the cause of 17.9 million cases of premature death, while by 2030, it is expected that 23.6 million people will die from these diseases. These are the figures projected by the World Health Organization (WHO), in which case it is expected that CVD will become the main cause of death […]

Kirurgjia me teknologji moderne në shekullin 21, cilat operacione kryhen më shpesh? – Dr. Peter Kodovski (Specialist i Kirurgjisë së Përgjithshme)

Surgery is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with the treatment of diseases and injuries in an operative manner. The name “surgery” comes from the Greek word “Chirurgia”, which means hand and work, which literally explains the need for a precise, skillful, and experienced surgical hand for a successful operation. In order for the […]

Çfarë është DEXA SCAN dhe për çfarë përdoret? – Prof. Dr. Nada Marina

Densitometry, also called dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, DEXA, or DXA, uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to produce images of the inside of the body (usually the lower (or lumbar) spine and hips) to measure bone loss. It is commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis and to assess an individual’s risk of developing osteoporotic fractures. […]

Çfarë është Uretrotomia? Dr Artan Rrushaj

Urethrotomy, also known as direct vision internal urethrotomy, is a surgical procedure used to treat urethral stricture disease. It is an outpatient surgery that involves the use of a urethrotome or a surgical knife passed through a cystoscope to widen a narrowed urethra. Urethrotomies are generally performed only in men because urethral strictures in women […]

5 simptoma të dështimit të veshkave për të parë mjekun tuaj! – Dr.Arben Asani

Your kidneys are like the technical crew from the latest “Avengers” movie. They may not be the flashy superheroes, but without their unsung work, you don’t have a blockbuster. Your kidneys have the thankless but critical job of getting rid of waste and extra fluid. Plus, they keep your organs working. When kidneys aren’t doing […]

Si mund të ndikojë kripa në presionin e gjakut dhe në veshkat? - Dr. Arben Asani

Modifying your salt intake can affect your health and longevity When you think about blood pressure, your kidneys may not come to mind. But when these bean-shaped organs sustain damage or are thrown off balance — perhaps by heavy salt intake — both your blood pressure and your heart may feel the repercussions. Your kidneys […]