One Hospital dhe FC Shkendija me fushatë kreative për muajin e ndërgjegjësimit për shëndetin e meshkujve!

A real MAN takes care of his HEALTH! Tap on pictures below to see our campaign November is men’s health awareness month and we have partnered with FC SHKENDIJA football club to raise awareness and show the importance of preventive examinations. The idea was to create a campaign that would represent doctors and football […]

Do not wait for your heart to scream for attention! – Prim. Dr. Agim Zeqiri

Every year, cardiovascular diseases are the cause of 17.9 million cases of premature death, while by 2030, it is expected that 23.6 million people will die from these diseases. These are the figures projected by the World Health Organization (WHO), in which case it is expected that CVD will become the main cause of death […]

Doktor Agimi më shpëtoi jetën!

Dr. Agimi saved my life – these are the words of our patient who was treated at Prim. Dr. Agim Zeqiri – Cardiologist. The patient’s gratitude for the doctor’s work and dedication is the greatest reward and praise for him. We exist for you! watch video

Kur është koha për të vizituar një kardiolog - Dr. Agim Zeqiri

If you have any of these symptoms or risk factors, it could be time to see a cardiologist. You experience chest pain. Chest pain is one of the hallmark signs of a heart problem. While there are other causes of chest pain that are not related to the heart, chest pressure that occurs or worsens […]

Probleme me zemrën, kur duhet të caktoni ekzaminim?

Sometimes heart problems occur earlier than you expect. Stress, pregnancy, family predisposition can be the cause of rising tension. Timely consultation with a doctor, regular blood pressure measurements, ECG, and the echo of the heart are some of the things you should do and most importantly – follow the advice and therapy given by your […]