Reasons to Schedule a Visit With a Cardiologist! – Dr. Agim Zeqiri

  • Your primary care physician has referred you to a cardiologist.
    Maybe your family doctor spots a red flag during your exam and wants to have your heart checked a little more closely. Or it could be that your personal or family history warrants an exam by a physician who focuses on the heart.
  • High Blood Pressure. Regular blood pressure checks should occur from age 20 on. If your blood pressure is trending up, or maybe it’s always been high, it is crucial that you get it under control. High blood pressure is a strong risk factor for both heart disease and stroke, and making sure that you “know your numbers” is important in preventing a cardiac event.
  • History of Smoking. Smoking at any time in your life raises the risk of developing heart disease. If you are or have been a smoker, making an appointment with a cardiologist may not be a bad idea.
  • You’re a Cancer Patient or Survivor. Cardio-oncologists (cardiologists that specialize in caring for cancer patients) recommend all cancer patients and survivors make an appointment to have their heart checked. This is because certain cancer treatments can damage the heart or put a strain on the heart muscles and blood vessels. These cardiac problems do not impact every cancer patient, but it is better to play it safe and identify if you are at risk or not.

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