Post Covid-19 Recovery Health Check! Why should I consider a Post Covid-19 Screen?

Why should I consider a Post Covid-19 Screen?
It is not yet clear exactly how each person’s body reacts to Covid-19. Your Immune System is made up of a complex set of systems that work together to protect your body from a wide variety of infections. The Covid-19 virus is now known to affect many different parts of your body, either directly or via its effect on your Immune System.

Your Immune System
Your Immune System has two main parts to it: your Innate Immune System and your Adaptive Immune System. Your Innate Immune System is made up of things like your skin, mucous membranes, stomach acids, and other barriers to infections, but it also includes a range of specialist white blood cells including Neutrophils, Eosinophils, and Basophils that are specifically designed to identify, hunt, and kill bacteria and viruses. Tests to examine the quantities of these types of white blood cells can tell us a great deal about your health and to what extent your Innate Immune System has been activated by the Covid-19 infection.

Your Adaptive Immune System is responsible for a range of functions including the production of antibodies and other specialist white blood cells including Lymphocytes. Measuring the presence of antibodies and also the number of Lymphocytes will again tell you how well your Adaptive Immune System has managed your Covid-19 infection.

Has your body been affected by any infection?
There are many other markers in your blood that measure your health and how your body has been affected by an infection, including by Covid-19. These markers are found in your blood and range from the different types of cells found there, and their ratio of one to the others, as well as chemical markers which give insight into your physiological health and how your immune system has responded to infection.

If you have already tested positive for Covid-19 or think you may have had Covid-19, these blood tests will tell you about how well you have recovered from the infection, whether the Covid-19 virus has harmed your body and how well your immune system is functioning, and your current general health. Please read the detailed descriptions of our tests to learn more about what tests are included in each screen.


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