Ако за која било состојба вреди да се промени начинот на исхрана за да се видат резултати - тогаш таа состојба е дијабетес! – д-р Ксенија Богоева Костовска

Diabetes and prediabetic condition The difference is in the overall approach to diet and physical activity. The old-fashioned approach to diabetes recommended lowering sugar intake, counting calories and bread units, limited portions and calorie restrictions. Fortunately, there is a new approach. A predominantly plant-based, low-fat diet is ideal for diabetics. In fact, in a 2006 […]

Сè што треба да знаете за нивото на шеќер во крвта и како да го спречите дијабетесот! – Д-р Ксенија Богоева Костовска

What blood sugar levels are normal? Normal blood sugar or glycemic values ​​range from 4.5 to 5.6 mmol / l on an empty stomach from capillary blood and at two hours after a meal 7.8 mmol / l at most 8.0 mmol / l. Higher values, especially if repeated over several measurements, are usually a […]

Кои се причините за нарушена функција на вашата тироидна жлезда?

The reasons for its change can be numerous, but none can be confirmed with certainty. It can be caused by: genetic causes, autoimmune damage, pregnancy, accumulated stress, nutritional deficiencies, or toxic environmental substances. Here are some signs and symptoms of hypo and hyperthyroidism, which in combination undoubtedly indicate a thyroid problem: • 1. Your menstrual […]