ПЕТ-КТ скенови: Експертиза за дијагностика во One Hospital - Тетово

Positron Emission Tomography and Computed Tomography, or PET-CT scans, are advanced imaging techniques that combine the strengths of both PET and CT scans. This powerful fusion provides comprehensive information about the body’s structure and metabolic activity. Dual Power of PET-CT PET-CT scans are like medical detectives. PET tracks the metabolic activity of cells, highlighting areas […]

„Придобивките од лапароскопската хирургија: минимално инвазивна процедура во ONE HOSPITAL – Тетово“

In Tetovo, there is one distinguished hospital that boasts a team of highly skilled experts in laparoscopic surgery. These specialists have undergone extensive training and possess a wealth of experience in performing a wide range of laparoscopic procedures. Patients in Tetovo can confidently turn to this hospital for the benefits of minimally invasive surgery and […]

„One Hospital и кошаркарскиот клуб Гостивар ги здружуваат силите за унапредување на здравјето на спортистите“

“One Hospital and the Gostivar basketball club join forces to improve the health of athletes” Health is one of the most valuable assets a person can have and it is critical that athletes maintain good health in order to perform at their best. That’s why One Hospital cooperates with the Gostivar Basketball Club to provide […]

Партнерство на One Hospital и Универзитетот во Тетово за поддршка на одбојкарскиот тим на Универзитетот: состанок на кој се разговараше за идните планови

One Hospital and the University of Tetovo recently held their first meeting to discuss a partnership aimed at supporting the university’s volleyball team. This partnership brings together two highly respected institutions, each dedicated to improving the lives of those they serve. The meeting was held to discuss the future plans of this exciting collaboration. One […]

Breast Lift (Mastopexy) – Prim. Dr. Lazo Noveski

A breast lift (or mastopexy), is a surgical procedure performed on women who have sagging breasts due to pregnancy, significant weight loss, or genetics. The procedure involves: Elevating the breast tissue to a higher position on the chest wall Repositioning the nipple-areolar area Tightening the skin The procedure can involve the use of a breast […]

One Hospital и Никола Штејн (Средно медицинско училиште) потпишаа договор за соработка!

На наша голема чест и задоволство денеска потпишавме договор за соработка со средното медицинско училиште „Никола Штајн“ – Тетово. Студентите можат да вежбаат во нашата болница и да учат од нашиот медицински тим, се разбира со согласност и претходно одобрение од нашите пациенти.

One Hospital и ФК Шкендија со креативна кампања за месецот за подигање на свеста за машкото здравје!

A real MAN takes care of his HEALTH! https://onehospital.mk/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/ezgif-2-17cd70ef69.mp4 Tap on pictures below to see our campaign November is men’s health awareness month and we have partnered with FC SHKENDIJA football club to raise awareness and show the importance of preventive examinations. The idea was to create a campaign that would represent doctors and football […]