One Hospital and University of Tetovo Partnership to Support the University’s Volleyball Team: A Meeting to Discuss Future Plans

One Hospital and the University of Tetovo recently held their first meeting to discuss a partnership aimed at supporting the university’s volleyball team. This partnership brings together two highly respected institutions, each dedicated to improving the lives of those they serve. The meeting was held to discuss the future plans of this exciting collaboration. One […]

One Hospital and B.C Rabotnicki: “Score big in health and wellness with us”

One Hospital, a premier healthcare provider in the region, has teamed up with local basketball powerhouse, Rabotnicki, to score big in the game of health and wellness. This dynamic partnership, set to tip off during the upcoming basketball season, aims to slam dunk the importance of physical activity and good nutrition into the hearts and minds of the community.

Surgery with modern technology in the 21st century, which operations are performed most often? – Dr. Petre Kodovski (Specialist in General Surgery)

Surgery is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with the treatment of diseases and injuries in an operative manner. The name “surgery” comes from the Greek word “Chirurgia”, which means hand and work, which literally explains the need for a precise, skillful, and experienced surgical hand for a successful operation. In order for the […]

What’s the Difference Between Gallbladder and Kidney Stones? – Dr. Arben Asani

They’re usually just a few millimeters in size, but they can be oh-so-painful. We’re talking about stones — gallbladder stones (or gallstones) and kidney stones, that is. They form in different systems of the body, but they’re similar in many ways. For example, both gallstones and kidney stones are common and can exist inside your […]

Најбрзо закрепување со ЛАПАРОСКОПСКА ХИРУРГИЈА! – Д-р Петре Кодовски

Лапароскопија е хируршка дијагностичка процедура со помош на која се иследуваат органите во абдоменот. 🩺🥼 Најважни предности на лапароскопската хирургија се: ⬇ -помалку болки по операцијата ✔🟢 – побрзо опоравување ✔🟢 – пократок престој во болница ✔🟢 – подобри естетски резултати ✔🟢 – холецистектомија ✔🟢 – апендектомија ✔🟢 – испитувања на абдомен ✔🟢 – отстранување […]